What We Are

This isn’t like other blogs.  This isn’t like other fishing reports.  Fish the 352 is a resource that puts you on the water in realtime.  Why just tell you “what”, “where”, and “how” when we can show you?  Our Videofishing Reports, a combination of commentary and on the water footage, is homage to the fact that: we don’t want to just tell you we caught fish, we want to show them to you.  Forget the “docktalk”, if you’re planning to get on the water in North Central Florida Fish the 352 should be your first stop before riding out.

9 responses to “What We Are

  1. Eddie Tindale

    yo man nice vid your getting good maybe one day youll grow up to be a pro like me

  2. rachel leavitt

    merry christmas we love you so so munch.
    fyi crack kills.
    wow nice fish jesse and i really need to come out by you. my grandma lives is fortr myers you will have to let us know how far you are from there we would lovev to kill too birds with one stone. merry christmas

    love jesse,rachel, and emily

  3. Paul De Chant

    I read about your blog in the WB News tonight. Great article. I’ve had a chance over the past few years to talk to your dad about where you were and what you were up to. I recently retired and look forward to some great time fly-fishing on local and not so local rivers. Those are some really big fish, a lot larger than the ones I catch on the Milwaukee river. Nice to hear about you again.
    Mr. D

  4. Hi, I found your blog on Youtube. I love your blog. Lots of movies and so many to learn! I introduced about your blog on mine. I will come back soon! Good fishing!

  5. Mike Kelley

    Hey Mikey, I fish in the Tennessee river in Stevenson, Alabama. We have been having some great success with swimbaits April thru June, Spinnerbaits June thru July, and Senkos July thru September. We have been catching 20 to 25 a day anywhere from 1lb to 5lbs. I grew up around Orlando and was so used to Central Florida fishing and was worried about not being able to ctahc any good bass up here but we found them! Hope all is well and look forward to seeing some more videos.

  6. Justin Darley

    Hey man. Me and my dad have been looking for ya out on the water. We fish these lakes that u fish almost every weekend every since I can remember, with the exception of okeechobee. We love to flip and enjoy watching your vids. We fish a open tournament on orange lake every wednesday afternoon in the spring and other tournaments on the other lakes throughout the year. Hope to see ya out on the water sometime! Keep the vids coming, there great! Hope everything is good!

  7. Marc bergeron

    rizsauvage (il y a 2 jours) Supprimer | Spam Marqué comme spam Mike !

    Thanks for your fast answer ! yes i really appreciate if you send me pics of your jon ! Have a SAFE and fun 2011 year !

    Hopes to see your new boat and big fish soon ! ( sorry for my english , im french Canadian , Québec , Montréal )

    thanks !

    Marc snipe@sympatico.ca

  8. redfish74

    if you want more sponsors build a nicer blog , you ought to get with sam root from saltyshores . com… he has a kick ass blog..sayin

  9. Pete

    Hey Mike..Im Pete, I live in Dunnellon,I don’t like to fish.I like to catch ..What will it cost for me to get on that boat of yours?….dragraceit@gmail.com

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